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About the Team

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The importance of the support and ‘familia’ concept that is behind ST has always been a major point in the band's concept of music. 

Following ST musically since 1987 when Internet or social media were not even a dream made a lot of fans struggling to get info and news on the band. Poor band's coverage in some countries has pushed me to start promoting the band by myself when ST decided to come back and re-start the infamous Suicidal Records in 1998. Skateboarding and ST gave me so much during the years and I felt I had to give something back to the band that changed my life and living.

The launch of their first official webpage and a cancelled show around Basel-Switzerland in 1998 gave me the chance to get in touch with some guys of the ST crew and after receiving the first promo letter for the release of the ‘F&F1’ we decided to rework the official flyers and hand them out around our area. We had massive work and tried to keep the band updated on our activity.
No one really asked me to do this promo thing, it was just our fun and determination to let as many people as possible know of ST reunion. The band has been immediately supportive and interested in what we were doing and asked us to keep it going. So we got our own flyers to promote the new ST releases and tours but until the ST comeback CD was released in 1999 it has always been a local thing. 
When the band wanted to start a massive promo to support the release of ‘Freedumb’ involving the fans worldwide, they immediately asked for my and a bunch of good friends' support to cover the European area: the EU ST Street Team was born!
Since then we always supported any ST/IG release and European tours by sending our own promo packs to all the European fans that gave their help and time to support the band. A dedicated mailing list was created to keep them updated on the band and street team activities as well as tours and merch infos.
This street team is my joy and pride, the guys that have been following us since years now know all the effort that has been put in this thing, we don’t ask anything back, supporting ST and seeing our works in cities all over Europe and the world is all we need to keep it going.
The ST fans are different from all the other fans, they do feel being part of a ‘family’ and a life style and touring with the band during the last years gave me the chance to meet and start a great friendship with many of them, you know who you are guys.
With the progress of the Internet and social media thing the STreet Team evolved from the starting idea of spreading the word in the streets through flyers poster etc.
Even though we're still keeping that feeling alive the promo is now focused more on digital material.
Indeed this new concept gave me the possibility to expand the STreet Team to a worldwide base which made us been in touch with so many fans in the most remote corner of the world.
So my last words here goes to all the people involved with the street team, we thanx you for all your support, we’ll keep this going with all our strength and we’ll see you soon around EU.
And to any of you guys reading this, follow us on our social and register to our mailing list...start your local loco ST chapter today!
2013 with the release of '13' signs our 15th street team anniversary...that says it all!

from Milan – Italy … fool

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