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DVD PROMO LAUNCHED - All infos here!

The release date for the DVD is approaching quickly and we need all your help to promote it!

DVD will be firstly released in US on Jan 26th, it'll be anyway available through the official ST webpage and as an import in all the record stores worldwide. Check the frontpage news!
PAL version is scheduled for a March release in Europe.
As the release date is so near we'll made the promo material available to EVERYBODY and not only the street team members as a download.

New Australian Street Team launched

After a long while working and setting up things, with the ST mini tour hitting Australia we finally launched the dedicated Street Team! Form is available on the top bar in the Street Team navigation. We need all your support to promote the three December shows so if you want to help just subscribe. Along with the welcome message you'll receive a special download with all the promo material! By sending us your reports you'll be eligible for unique ST gear! So start your own 'loco' chapter today! ..and make Australia ready for the ST invasion!


SxTx IxGx EU Tour Promo Launched!

New SxTx and IxGx Tour is getting near and we need your help to spread the word!
If you live in Europe you can subscribe to the street team in this section and give your help!
A reward cyco pack will be ready for the best street teamer so be ready to do your best!
All info on the promo and link to donwload the official promo stuff will be sent through the dedicated mailing list and to all the new subscibers. Promo pack will be available as well!
Start your own loco chapeter now! Spread the cyco word!
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