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SxTx - Promo video for US tour released!

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Whats up everybody!
Band and crew is down in Brazil and IG will be onstage in few hours!
We got a new promo video posted on the official ST youtube channel for the coming US tour. Check the direct link here:
Enjoy it and post it all over the net!
Keep on checking the official ST webpage we have tour reports coming in with pictures, videos and everything you need!
Till the next one...stay CYCO!

Street Team Goes Worldwide!

Street team goes worldwide!

Whats up cycos! The street team finally goes worldwide! For all new subscribers you can sign up through the dedicated link in the street team section. You'll then have access to all the new promotions, downloads, selected merch and much more!

For all the aussie fans, we're keeping a separated mailing list for you all due to some decicated new projects that will hit your country! So use the dedicated section to subscribe to the Aussie mailing list!

See you all soon around the world and be ready to spread the cyco word!


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 Cyco Sunday! Be sure and check out the next ST video "I Feel Your Pain...And I Survive!"

Link will be posted on Sunday! The latest clip from OzLuke, featuring footage taken on the "Join The Army/ Deja Vu" tour. Check it out, send to a friend, and see if you can spot yourself in the video!


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Merchandise STore is back up! All new features, all new stuff and more.... Big Thanx to Pauly for setting up the all new ST merch STore. Check it out now and remember to plan ahead for your Suicidal Christmas orders.

Suicidal and Proud,
Mean Gene and the Triple M Family.

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